About Us


I-Constech Construction and General Services Corp. was incorporated in February 1997. Our primary business then was manufacturing of coatings intended for general maintenance, architectural finishes and furniture industries.

With the acquisition of additional equipment and the establishment of a highly competitive technical staff, we decided to venture into industrial coatings in early part of 1998.

Currently, our interest is in the manufacturing, marketing and application of high performance industrial coatings which includes waterproofing for both new construction and maintenance.

Key Values

These four are the key values upon which all our activities are based:

Customer Satisfaction

I-CONSTECH’s most important single task is to serve our customers to their delight. Through our products and services, we want to give our customers every competitive advantage.

We want to build close relationships with our customers resulting in improved positions both for them and I-CONSTECH. All our activities are aimed at improving customer satisfaction. To do this, we offer a wide range of services, which include:

Technical assistance in determining coatings and coating systems applicable to the conditions of exposure and within the client’s budget.Troubleshooting of coating and application problems at the customer’s site of work.

Seminars on product, surface preparation, application methods, and troubleshooting, constant interaction with clients is done to keep them informed of new products and development.

Routine and regular inspection of finished projects for preventive maintenance and care.

Product Quality Assurance from raw materials to finished products.

We aim to provide good quality products to our customers.

Our team of laboratory personnel provides quality checks to ensure products’ conformance before they are delivered to the customers. In-house quality audits are observed and samples from various stages of production are tested. Product Quality Assurance from raw materials to finished products is strictly observed.


Quality is the hallmark of our everyday activity. In our processes and our products we aim for quality. Though I-CONSTECH is young, we aim to provide the best products, services, and support to our customers.


Innovation is a central element in our culture. Through an on-going process of change, I-CONSTECH continually develops products to be more responsive to customer needs.


I-CONSTECH has a responsibility to the well being of its people. Our people continuously encourage contributing according to their potential. Emphasis on the safeguarding of the health and property is also a high priority.

We also take responsibility to the environment in which we operate. Attention to environmental consideration is stressed in every stage of our activities to avoid the possibility of damage to the environment.